Sport FX

Sports Magnets
Jumbo 3D Magnets measure 3" x 3" and 1/4" thick, which gives them that "3D" look. They come in all of your favorite team's primary logos.

Jersey Can Coolers
A Jersey Cooler is a unique product that is used to keep beverages cool. The cooler gives an accurate depiction of official team jerseys and is molded in the shape of a player. It can hold both bottles and cans.

Sports Cooler Bags
Sure, our coolers do a great job of keeping your drinks cold, but they are so much more than just coolers. The standard size quickly becomes the most popular lunch pack at any school, and the tailgater makes a wonderful gym bag.

Sports Coasters
Don't worry about leaving rings on your coffee table with Jersey Coaster. The jersey is made of foam and the center is plastic providing full protection against beverages. All Jersey Coasters come in sets for two satisfied fans everywhere.

Sports Coin Banks
Mini Jersey coin Banks contain a quality embroidered mini replica of your favorite team's official jersey. The jersey sits on a bust that is a coin bank and it has a metal plate with the league logo on top.