Romance Games for Couples

A tasteful series of games built to increase intimacy, intrigue and interest for couples- married and unmarried. Each game offers a unique and delightful opportunity of conversation, wishes and experiences. Great ways to learn about friends. A date to keep. Examples of games listed below:

To Know You Better: "You can't steal second base and keep one foot on first" - Unknown. What career or school risk have you taken that turned out to be successful?

An Enchanting Evening: "First impressions often last. If you saw your partner at a party, what might first attract you?"

Fan the Flames: Fireworks can ignite from just a small spark. Kiss me like you were lighting up the Fourth of July!

Romantic Sensations: " was a look you could have poured on a waffle." It may be a gaze held a little longer, or a subtle touch-what flirtatious thing can your partner do to make you feel syrupy?

Two to Tango: Adopted by a pet: something warm and cuddly, something to protect our home, something with fur or feathers, or even little fins...let's adopt a pet. My choice is:_____.

You Just Became A Millionaire:
Win more money by correctly guessing how your other millionaire friends will respond to their new wealth. "My dream car is sitting in the showroom. Why haggle, I'll pay the list price and drive away." Agree or disagree?